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How to use Google to search

Tip 1: Start with the basics

Whatever you’re looking for, begin with a straightforward query like where’s the nearest airport? If more words are needed, you may always do so.

Add the location if you’re searching for a location-specific business or item. Seattle’s Bakery, for instance.

Tip 2: Search using your voice

Tired of typing? To search with your voice, say “Ok Google” or select the Microphone . Learn more about how to search with your voice.

Tip 3: Choose words carefully

Try to use terms that are likely to appear on the website you are looking for when determining what to type in the search box. Say headache, for instance, rather than “my head hurts,” as that’s what a medical website would say.

Tip #4: Don’t stress over little matters

Spelling: Whether or whether you spell a word correctly, Google’s spell checker automatically chooses the most frequent version of that term.
Searching for New York Times is same to searching for new york times.

Tip 5: Find quick answers

For a lot of searches, Google will do the legwork and provide the solution in the search results. Some elements, such as data on sports teams, aren’t accessible everywhere.

Weather: Type in “weather” to check the conditions where you are or enter a city name, such as “weather Seattle,” to get the conditions in a specific area.
Dictionary: To view a word’s definition, place the word define in front of it.
Calculations: Enter an equation in mathematics, such as 3*9123, or work out difficult graphing equations.

Unit conversions: Type in any conversion, such as 3 USD to EUR.
Sports: To view a schedule, game results, and more, search for the name of your club.
Short facts: Use a search engine to look for information about a person, place, movie, or music.